CBD Oil For Dogs With Osteoarthritis

CBD Oil For Dogs With Osteoarthritis

A few weeks ago we have discussed the help of CBD Salve for Arthritis Pain Relief. Well, this time we will have a look at how CBD oil for dogs with osteoarthritis could help.

Dogs are not only our pets and friends, but they are also our family members. Since the old ages dogs were praised for their ability to protect and stay next to us no matter what. They have helped us to survive, to hunt for food and at the same time protecting us from wild animals.

Time has changed and as humans are living better, they also want better conditions for their furry friends. These days, people decide to have dogs not mainly because of the protection or hunting, but because they want to have a friend. In this technology age, people tend to feel more lonely. The main reason is that now we mostly communicate online, forgetting the real life. Having a dog not only helps to relieve the loneliness, but they also help us to remember that we have a real-life and someone who loves us unconditionally.


What is very interesting, that there are similarities by humans and dogs who have osteoarthritis. These similarities are partly due to the shared lifestyles and environments that dogs and humans live. On the same token, similar anatomies and disease physiology contribute to this too.

Sadly, as numbers keep increasing for osteoarthritis in humans, the same also applies to dogs. 1 in 4 of 77.2 million pet dogs in the United States has some form of arthritis, while osteoarthritis is the most common one.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that results in pain and stiffness of the joint.

CBD oil for dogs with osteoarthritis

Unlike for humans, clinical trials have proved that CBD oil for dogs with osteoarthritis is the best choice. As dogs have thicker skin, CBD salve will not give as much benefit as orally taken CBD oil.

Another key point, that it is best to give CBD to your pet together with food. This way not only CBD is better absorbed, but also it is easier to give it to your furry friend. As we know some of them are really picky. 

Equally important is to know that CBD dog treats will not bring as many benefits as CBD oil. There were several trials and in all of them, it was clearly seen that CBD dog treats are not absorbed as well as CBD oil. Although, scientists are still not sure why.

Main CBD oil benefit

CBD relieves inflammation and pain that is caused by osteoarthritis. Clinical trials show, that dogs who were receiving CBD oil as a treatment felt significantly less pain and were more active. Most importantly, pet owners reported that were no side effects, unlike some of the medications.

As CBD can help to relieve pain and inflammation, be careful and always check how much THC does it contain. VerusHemp Full-Spectrum CBD oil will not harm your dog as it doesn’t contain more than 0.2% of THC. Pure CBD is a good ally, but a really small amount of THC and other terpenes will give a better result as it has more terpenes and synergistic effects often termed the “entourage effect.”

If you’ll give CBD oil that has a higher level of THC, you might harm your furry friend. Not only animals may become angrier, but also THC affects their liver in a bad way. It might even cause dangerous diseases.

How to use CBD oil for dogs with osteoarthritis

The best dose that scientists are talking about is 2mg of CBD per 1kg twice a day. It is safe and gives the most benefits. Also, clinical trials have shown that this dose will relieve symptoms for about 4.5h, but it all depends on your dog. Same as for humans, different dogs react differently.


Choosing the right CBD oil for your pet is important. It may not only relieve the pain and inflammation but at the same time, it can help your furry friend to feel more relaxed and enjoy his day.

Take care of your furry friends and value the love they give. You are very precious to them as you are their family and guardian.

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