CBD Oil For Kids

CBD Oil For Kids

This question comes up very frequently now – should we use CBD oil for Kids? Well, it really depends on why do you want to give it to your child. We all want what’s best to our little ones, but sometimes even the strongest medication can’t help to relieve their troubles. It always breaks our hearts. Could CBD help? How to use it? How to dose?

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CBD Oil For Kids Is It Safe?

In fact, we can find many animal-based CBD clinical studies or even adult human-based studies. Unfortunately, not that many are done to find out what effects does it have on children.

There is a report from 2013 of parent survey which shows positive results of using CBD for children who have treatment-resistant epilepsy seizures.

You can find a full explanation of what is epilepsy and how it affects us in our CBD for Epilepsy blog.

This survey was conducted from parents who are in a Facebook group dedicated to sharing information with each other about the uses of cannabidiol-enriched cannabis oil to treat epileptic seizures in children.

The survey is very interesting as it shows how many mg of CBD and THC parents were giving to their little ones every day and what effects it caused.

From 19 parents that agreed to take a survey, 16 reported a reduction in seizures that their children were experiencing. Furthermore, the reported side effects were very minimal compared to prescribed strong medication and even hormones. Side effects included drowsiness and fatigue.

The doses from CBD+THC was different. One child that was experiencing seizures for 2-5 years and was taking 6mg of CBD + 0mg of THC for 1-2months and had an 80% reduction in seizures.

As THC is the psychoactive compound, CBD alone is considered a safer option. This might show that in some cases pure CBD may help to relieve seizures.

Is CBD safe? It is not very clear yet, but at least it looks like it has fewer side effects compared with many prescribed medications.

CBD Oil For Children How To Use?

The variety of CBD products on the market is crazy. Still, the most popular and the easiest ways to consume Full Spectrum CBD, especially for Children are CBD oil and CBD capsules. Why? Because it is the most convenient way to measure.

For Pure CBD products that do not contain THC or any other cannabinoids, the best choice could be CBD isolate and pure CBD oil. Again, why? Because undoubtedly, it is one of the simplest and most accurate ways to measure the CBD dose. Especially, Pure CBD isolate as all you need is kitchen scales. It also does not require too much effort to give it to a child as sometimes they are very stubborn. You can measure the dose and put it on the toast or any other food that your little one loves.

How To Dose CBD For Kids?

This is the hard part as there is no suggested dose for children use. Truly scary is, that some parents are too ashamed to ask their child’s doctor for advice. They fear to be pushed away or shamed. It shouldn’t be that way and parents must understand that CBD interacts with some medication.

There was a clinical study for children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms. It is thought that in this trial three of the parents tried to adjust the dose of medication themselves while also using CBD+THC oil. These three patients couldn’t continue the study, because they had effects such as insomnia, irritability, increased heart rate, and worsening of the psycho-behavioral crisis.


Young persons with different diagnoses are capable to feel the difference that CBD provides. Fewer seizures, better sleep and mood, increased alertness are just a few benefits.

On the negative side, we still do not know how CBD oil for kids will affect our children in the long term. We do not have enough data to say that it is completely safe. At the same time, the only FDA approved CBD medication – “Epidiolex” is considered safe to give for children who are at least 2 years old. Its active ingredient is CBD, but it also has other ingredients that are not necessarily useful for your little one. Such as Dehydrated alcohol (also known as anhydrous ethanol or absolute ethyl alcohol, is a volatile, flammable, colourless chemical compound ) or sucralose (zero-calorie artificial sweetener).

By all means, always consult the doctor first. CBD may be a great choice, but ensuring your child safety is always the most important thing.

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