CBD Salve for Arthritis Pain Relief

CBD Salve for Arthritis Pain Relief

CBD Salve for Arthritis Pain Relief

One of the main reasons why people buy CBD oil UK online, USA or any other country is to treat Arthritis or prevent its symptoms. We want to share information about this common condition that affect millions around the globe. CBD Salve for Arthritis pain relief is a powerful weapon to fight pain and swelling. Let’s get to know this condition well first, to be able to see all the help and benefits that CBD Hemp Salve can bring.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is misunderstood in many cases. It is a casual name to describe joint pain or joint disease. Arthritis is not a single condition. There are more than 200 types of this condition and anyone can have it. On the other hand, the main factors for Arthritis are:

Family history  – some types run in families

Age – for many types, the risk increases with age.

Gender – Men are more likely to have Gout arthritis, while women – Rheumatoid

Previous joint injury – if you had one in the past, it is more likely that you will develop Arthritis in the future.

Obesity – excess weight puts more stress on joints. You are more prone to have problems with your knees, hips and spine.

Infection – there are many organisms that can affect joints.

Occupation – for example, repetitive squatting or bending can trigger Arthritis in the future.

Diet and Nutrition – shortage of Calcium and Vitamin D in particular.

Alcohol – There is some evidence that women with higher levels of alcohol intake have lower bone density.

Smoking – Smoking is a well-established environmental risk factor for the development of rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

A bit more...

As we can see, there are so many factors that can trigger this condition. With all this, we would like to add that keeping your joints warm in wintertime, would do a great favour. If you love jogging in winter times when it’s snowing and windy, try to warm up inside and after you feel comfortable enough and your knees feel more flexible, proceed outside. Your muscles contract in cold weather and that makes them harder to move. Warming up inside will eliminate the stiffness and you will be more flexible.

In addition, the Swedish study confirms, that people who are working in cold environments have higher chances for Arthritis, in particular for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Arthritis numbers

Data can always show the best picture and bring everyone to reality when serious changes need to be done. The same is with this condition. There needs to be more available and visible information for everyone. Here are a few numbers to make you more familiar with the spread of the Arthritis around the world.

In a 2007 EU survey, it was found that 22% of the population currently had, or had experienced long-term muscle, bone and joint problems such as rheumatism and arthritis.

EU Countries reporting particularly high levels of reduced activities due to pain of Arthritis were Finland with 44% and Lithuania with 42%. The lowest proportions reporting activity reducing the pain of Arthritis were Ireland with 18% and Portugal with 21%.

Arthritis and back pain affected an estimated 18.8 million people across the UK in 2017. That’s around 3 in 10 people.

Over 8.75 million people ages 4 and over have sought treatment for osteoarthritis in the UK alone.

Around one in four adults (16+) in the UK do less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week (inactive). Inactive people are at increased risk of developing a painful condition. Exercise generally reduces overall pain for people with Arthritis.

54.4 million adults in the United States have received a diagnosis of some form of arthritis.

The majority of counties in Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan, Tennessee, and West Virginia registered in the highest quintile for the prevalence of Arthritis – from 27.5% to 38.6%.

cbd salve for arthritis pain relief

The main thing you need to know about CBD Hemp

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system. It is a complex cell system and it keeps homeostasis in our body. Endocannabinoids are cannabis-like substances that naturally occur inside our body. This means, that we have two main receptors CB1 and CB2 that Cannabidiol (CBD) binds with. Deficiency of these receptors can result in the disturbance of our Homeostasis and this will show up as higher stress levels, lower immune system and etc. The truth is, that Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency results in many brain disorders.

CBD Salve for Arthritis pain relief to the rescue

People choose to buy from VerusHemp CBD shop UK online, because it is safe, high quality, reliable and cheaper compared to other shops.

CBD for Arthritis UK people has helped a great deal. In the same token, public from all over the world shares the good news of how CBD hemp benefits have helped them to relieve symptoms for this condition. The good word flies fast, especially when it is covered by clinical trials to prove it. Another key point is, that pharmaceutical doesn’t like this, so you can see more articles in the news telling that CBD is not worth to use, but in reality, they do not support it by any evidence. Turning to Cannabidiol for Arthritis might change your life for good and it’s proved by science.

How to use CBD Salve for Arthritis pain relief

By the clinical trial done in 2016, it is suggested to use CBD for Arthritis topically. Yes, CBD can improve your immune system, reduce stress and much more when used orally. On the other hand, if you have Arthritis, you should reconsider that.

CBD is hydrophobic – this means, that it doesn’t bind with water. This usually results in poor oral bioavailability, unless mixed with oils that are easily absorbed by our body. For example, VerusHemp Full-Spectrum CBD or Pure CBD Mint oils are easily absorbed, because we use MCT oil as a carrier.

To clarify, topical CBD Hemp Salve or CBD Hemp oil application avoids the first-pass metabolism in your stomach, so it provides better results and relieves pain at its pinpoint.

Furthermore, using CBD topically significantly reduced joint swelling, spontaneous pain, immune cell infiltration and thickening of the synovial membrane. All this was done by Cannabidiol. Must to be remembered that this was achieved without any side effects and it doesn’t cause addiction like most of the painkillers. CBD can even help to fight this addiction!


Finding the right dose

If you have never used CBD products before, you need to consider starting slowly. At this point, many CBD consumers start complaining and think that CBD can’t help and won’t be able to help with their condition. Patience is the key.

Either you are using CBD Hemp products orally, topically or even choosing both methods you need to find your sweet spot. Yes, you can try mixing things up, for example, use VerusHemp Full-Spectrum CBD Salve in the morning and get some Pure CBD Hemp Mint drops in the evening. This way you will not only strengthen your bones but also your immune system and general well-being.

Doses always differ from many factors

The best way is to get advice from your doctor. If your choice is to handle it yourself and experiment take these factors into consideration:

1. Your body weight – Havier people need a bigger dose of CBD as with any other traditional remedy you use. On the contrary, lighter people can feel the same effects with a lower dose.

2. The condition you are treating – Yes, we are talking about Arthritis today. You must ask yourself these questions. How intense your pain is? Does this condition make you anxious or stressed? Are you dependent on the pain killers? Does it strongly affect your everyday life? Do you have any other symptoms? For how long you have it?

3. Your individual body chemistry – Probably by now, you know yourself quite well. You know what you like and don’t like. What makes you feel good or bad. Same with CBD. For some people it works really fast, for others, well they need to build it up in their system to feel the difference.

cbd salve for arthritis pain relief

4. Concentration – You must know how much mg does your product contains. This way it will be easier for you to decide your dosage and if you really need to use the strongest products.

5. Desired effects – The truth is, that if you want to reduce or eliminate chronic pain, you might need a slightly bigger dose. Which is why the option to use CBD topically and orally might be a good choice for Arthritis.

6. Tolerance – As a matter of fact, of you’ll use CBD for a long time, your body will start to tolerate it and you will need bigger doses, which is why a good choice is to make a two weeks break every three or four months of using CBD. Again, it all depends on your own body.

CBD Massage for Arthritis

In the first place, we would like to mention, that we have the whole Blog written of CBD massage benefits to you and your body which can be found HERE if you haven’t read it yet.

Massaging CBD is really important, especially for such conditions like Arthritis. When you massage your CBD Salve into the skin it is absorbed easier. Let us explain a bit:

We know that it might feel sensitive and painful, placing CBD Salve on the skin followed with gentle, soft moves will increase the blood flow in that area. Do not massage it too hard. Simple, delicate circle moves might be one of the best choices. You can even try to massage it towards your heart or towards the nearest lymph node. Lymph nodes in our body clears all the toxins and wastes. Have a look at the picture to see all the lymph nodes in your body, so you could plan some moves for your next CBD massage. 


When the blood flow in the area increases it absorbs the Cannabidiol more easier. This means – a better result for you. We understand that for some massaging the area might seem like a scary idea. Fear usually stops us from many good things. Keep in mind, that for Osteoarthritis, massage can help decrease swelling and pain, improve joint mobility and provide tension and stress relief and this is what you are seeking. Massage is also good for Rheumatoid arthritis, but avoid it during a flare-up.


Clinical trials prove that CBD Hemp can be an option for helping people with Arthritis. Always pay attention to yourself. Your body carry you around, so you must take good care of it if you want your journey to be as comfortable as possible. Arthritis is a serious condition and we need to acknowledge that. The more we know, the more help and support we can give and get.

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