CBD Tips: 4 CBD habits that must be in your list

CBD Tips: 4 CBD habits that must be in your list

  • 2019 passed like a flash, but hopefully, you have learned something new and feeling proud of what you have accomplished!
    Today we would like to discuss CBD tips: 4 CBD habits, that could help improve your wellbeing and reduce stress. You can use your CBD oil, CBD Isolate, CBD Capsules and CBD Salve to prepare yourself today for a better tomorrow.

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CBD Salve in your morning rituals

Winter is a challenging season for our skin. It’s very important to take good care of it and make sure that it is hydrated at all times. Incorporating CBD salve into your everyday hygiene routine will improve your skin’s condition and will keep it safe from cold winter winds. You can easily use it as your main face cream. It not only has a great scent, that calms and relaxes your mind, but it also helps with acne, heals the broken and cracked skin, anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can relieve the burning symptoms, redness and associated dryness, helps with eczema and psoriasis. Start your morning feeling refreshed and ready to face all the challenges!

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Cannabidiol before the breakfast

Using CBD oil in the morning can eliminate the stress levels throughout the day. It can help you to cope and be more patient. Have you ever thought of how to use it, so it would be even more helpful? We can give you a nice tip.
After your morning rituals, just before breakfast get some CBD drops. Put them under your tongue and close your eyes. You have 60-90 seconds, so at this time forget about everything and just think about what you love most. Forget about all the troubles, these 90 seconds are yours to be free and happy. If you feel pain, imagine that all this pain disappears and you move without freely without it. Believe in it and smile. Keep this time for yourself. You should feel more carefree and when CBD kicks in, it will help you to continue this good phase for the rest of the day. Maybe for some, it sounds ridiculous, but just try, there’s nothing to lose!

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Get yourself ready for the night

You probably had a hard time at work today, or a challenging day at home, but it’s all over and you can relax now. Creating an evening ritual could help you to shut yourself down from all the unwanted thoughts of what went wrong, or how are you going to reply to that email tomorrow. This is the time to forget about it. The same practise that was done in the morning, can be applied in the evening.

Try It Today

Just imagine, taking your CBD oil bottle with no rush getting some oil in the pipet and slowly counting drops that you like to take for the night. While keeping the drops under the tongue, just stretch your legs on the sofa. Don’t turn your TV on, nor the radio or phone. Get into your mind, ask yourself how are you feeling at the moment and plan what are you going to do for the rest of the evening. Take these few minutes to relax and plan. Keeping your mind busy with such activities makes you unwind from work-related troubles that must be left behind you after your working hours. In the end, if you don’t feel better, just take a few more minutes to enjoy this peaceful moment. Try to avoid watching TV or your phone at least an hour before bedtime and if you really need to watch that one episode, turn on night mode as it will eliminate bright blue light from your device.

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Use CBD Hemp Salve before bedtime

After your evening shower, use this CBD Tip. Gently apply CBD Hemp salve not only to your face but also to your body. It is very important to keep your skin’s balance and do not let it dry. Winter is harsh for our skin, so protect it in the best, healthiest way possible. The natural smell will help you to feel more harmonious and slow everything down. This is the time when you don’t need to rush anywhere, you can think about your bed and great night’s sleep. Sense the tranquillity of the evening and how great your skin feels. If you have Arthritis or skin condition, take extra time and gently massage the ointment into the affected area. Massaging the topical will not only soothe the pain, but will also bring more blood into the affected area, so it could soften and heal faster.


Sticking to the same routine every day can change your life for good. It is hard to keep up, but once it is a habit, it will be easy and you would do it every day without a nudge. The best part is, that your body and mind will appreciate and love all these habits, as they symbolize tranquillity, relaxation and break from every day worries. Love yourself, others and let this 2020 be an amazing year to change your old habits into something more rewarding.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

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