Holidays best Tips: 5 Ideas For a Wonderful Christmas

Holidays best Tips: 5 Ideas For a Wonderful Christmas

Holidays Best Tips with CBD!

Lately, we’ve been talking with many people who feel stressed when Christmas and New Year’s season starts. We know it’s just around the corner now, so we would like to help you make it simple, but unforgettable. There are holidays best tips, that paired with CBD can ease all the celebration tension and add up more joy into all this rushing.

1. Plan

Not too many of us see that planning things ahead should be a priority. We could have more time for ourselves and more things could be done even though we still have the same 24 hours. Some people, do not believe in planning. Like our grandmothers used to say “we plan and God is laughing”. Interesting, as they still have plans. They plan to meet their friends, they plan when to exercise or when to eat. So wouldn’t it be better to plan the whole Christmas day ahead? Maybe not even Christmas day, but also the whole week before? Plan when you will take some time for shopping and packing all the presents to your loved ones. Or even plan the whole Christmas season!

Planning is good when it’s done right. Always think about goals that are possible to reach. For example, if you are thinking to go for Christmas shopping and city is 15mins drive from you, but you know that it’s going to be busy on the road, furthermore, shops are packed up with people and you need to get at least three presents, you don’t even know what to get – take enough time so you won’t need to run and panic. Give yourself 2-3 hours and just enjoy this experience. Think about people who will receive these presents, what memories you have with them and what they like. This way you will have an amazing time and your loved ones will have cute, surprising boxes to open.

holidays best tips

2. Do what you like

Imagine, you have accomplished all your plans for today. You feel proud, but also you feel tired. Try not to rush and turn on the TV. Treat yourself with a nice meal, get yourself some CBD as you just had a very busy day, so you deserve it and enjoy. Think of how would you like to spend Christmas this year. Is it with family? With friends? Maybe with your pet? All of the answers are great as long as you feel happy about them. If you don’t want to go for that dinner with your friends from work, tell them. It is always better to tell it and plan what you really want, instead of going there and spending rest of the evening thinking how would you like to go home and have a minute to relax all by yourself.
Doing what you like helps you to relax. It helps you to feel happier, more confident and enjoy every minute of your day.

3. Meditation

Have you ever tried it? We bet you did, as the meaning of meditation is the act of giving your attention to only one thing. Usually when we are doing what we love we concentrate and forget about everything else. We have just that one detail in our mind. Now, we would like to help you to go a bit further. All that rush towards Christmas can drive us crazy, but remember every time you are in a bad situation and you are losing your ground concentrate on your breath. If you’ll do that very carefully you can actually feel how you breathe in cold air and it travels through your nose then it goes right to your throat but the air is warmer now and finally, your lungs expand. When you feel how slowly your lungs deflate and warm air travels out through your throat, reaches your nose and again you breathe in cold air. Isn’t this fascinating? We think it is and it also helps you to calm down and turn your mind elsewhere. Practising this technique can actually enhance self-awareness, lengthen attention span, can generate kindness and it may even reduce age-related memory loss.

Sure, if you can’t cope and your mind keeps going elsewhere, try to get some CBD oil drops and try again after an hour. We believe in you!

4. Sleep

We probably have mentioned this in our every blog and we will do this again. Realising that sleep is the most important is crucial. Yes, sleep is more important when food or exercise. Try to starve for a week. How would you feel? Hungry – yes. Tired – yes. Would you be able to think, walk and talk – yes. Now imagine not sleeping for an entire week. We will give you a list of what starts to happen to your body when you don’t sleep for a few days.

First 24 hours:

  • Drowsiness
  • Irritability
  • Impaired decision-making
  • Impaired judgement
  • Altered perception
  • Memory deficits
  • Vision and hearing impairments
  • Decreased hand-eye coordination
  • Increased muscle tension
  • Tremors
  • Increased risk of accidents or near misses

This is just 24 hours of you not going to sleep. After 36 hours you can expect such symptoms:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Decreased motivation
  • Risky decisions
  • Inflexible reasoning
  • Decreased attention
  • Speech impairments, such as poor word choice and intonation

It keeps going worse in such a short time and the damage to your body is huge. We know to stay in that Christmas party till 3 am is tempting, but if you will manage not to stay up so late, your mind and body will be thankful.
It’s hard to keep up your plans on the festive season, but it’s possible and it’s important to you and CBD oil can help you to have enough deep, quality sleep!


5. Food

Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas breakfast, lunch and the list keeps growing until Boxing Day, oh and yes don’t forget the New Year’s Eve. We stress our body to the limits on Festive seasons as usually, we overeat.

Overeating is the excess food consumed in relation to the energy that an organism expends. It explains a lot as many of us on Christmas eat way too much and forget to move. It is understandable as everything looks so delicious and we do not cook this much on a basic working day. All this leads to the urge to try everything that’s on the table. The worst is, that usually the evening goes like this: sitting for a dinner with a family and continue to sit in front of the TV later on. Interesting is that after such dinner we often hear people around talking “oh I don’t feel so well”, “Maybe someone has a pill I feel too heavy in my stomach” and many similar terms.

You can help yourself by simply drinking more water that day. Staying hydrated is always a good choice. You will not overeat that much and you will feel better later on that evening and the next day. Even if you like to get a few glasses of wine, drink more water.
The perfect percentage of water in the body for women will be between 45% and 60% when for men it should be between 50% and 65% of the total body. On the other hand, for the athletic body types, it is recommended to have 5% more body water than the average adult range. This shows, that it’s more important to drink much water than to overeat.


These holidays best tips are just an introduction, because the most important is to love yourself and to love your body. You are the one who knows best what your body needs, just listen to it. If you feel too stressed or anxious don’t forget your CBD oil to take with you. We hope that these few tips will help you to feel better and happier on this Christmas and New Year’s spree. Wishing you all the best from the whole VerusHemp team.

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