How much dosage of CBD should you take?

How much dosage of CBD should you take?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of more than 200 cannabinoids found in the Hemp plant. Non-toxic and it doesn’t alter your mind like THC, but still has to offer a lot of benefits. 

CBD got so popular that now it can be found in many different forms and tastes. From body creams and shampoos to cookies, oil or even powder. 


CBD Hemp oil - still the most popular

This is the product that most are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced CBD user, Hemp oil is the most simple and versatile way to get all the benefits. Clinical trials prove that it helps to relieve pain, stress, anxiety and is anti-inflammatory. Furthermore, over 60% of Cannabidiol users reported that they use CBD to treat medical conditions. It might help to prevent Alzheimer’s diseaselower blood pressurerelieve Migraine and Arthritis pain, help with Epilepsy and Depression…The list could go on and on as new proofs come out every day.

There are a number of rules of how to find the best CBD oil for yourself. Here are the 4 simple rules to find CBD oil UK that will suit your needs:

1. Decide after which type of Hemp product you will go
2. Check the Extraction method. It is important to know how CBD is extracted
3. Strength of the product
4. Size of the product

In order to choose wisely, first, you need to understand the different types of CBD.

Let’s break this list and have a look at what is what and how to choose:


1. There are three main CBD oil types

a. Full Spectrum CBD Hemp oil
b. Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp oil
c. Pure CBD Hemp oil


a. Full Spectrum CBD Hemp oil

It is made from the whole plant’s extract. Verushemp extract contains more than 80 different phytocannabinoids. It includes CBD, CBC, CBG, CBG-A, CBC-A, CBN, together with many others. Also many other types of natural molecules (More details here). In addition, this type of CBD oil contains a very small (legal) amount of THC.


b. Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp oil

Made from the whole plant. It starts like Full spectrum CBD extract, just after the refinement process all THC is removed. This type of oil contains many natural molecules, but it has 0% THC in it.


c. Pure CBD Hemp oil

Made from the whole plant. Broad Spectrum distillate is further extracted while only Pure Cannabidiol is left. This oil is made from the purest form of CBD – CBD isolate. It contains just CBD and is 99+% pure. (More details here).


2. Extraction methods

a) Olive oil extraction
b) Solvent
c) CO2


a) Olive oil

Probably, the oldest type of extraction. Raw plant materials are boiled for a long time in the required temperature. This way CBD is extracted. Unfortunately, this oil will not be as concentrated as extraction by other methods and it will be very hard to find the right dosage.

b) Solvent

In this type of extraction materials like ethanol, butane, propane, isopropyl, or alcohol are used. This is the cheapest method, but the scary part is that it’s not only very dangerous to perform, but it might also be toxic for you too. This study shows, that traces of naphtha hydrocarbons or petroleum residue might be found in the CBD after this extraction method.

c) CO2

Being the most expensive, chlorophyll-free extraction is safe and the most advanced way to extract CBD. It is done by advanced machinery, which at first holds iced CO2 in it. Going through the chambers in the end CO2 rises to the top of the chamber and leaves extracted cannabinoids on the bottom.

VerusHemp believes in the highest quality. All our products are extracted by the superficial CO2 extraction method.

3. Strength of the product

You see the numbers on the bottle like 1500mg 15%, but don’t know what it means? You are not alone. Many Hemp oil UK users, especially first timers understand them wrong or don’t know what it means at all.

This is why we are here today, to clear things out.

The numbers that refer to mg, for example, 1000mg in 10ml bottle, means the total amount of CBD in the bottle. In this case 1000mg of CBD (or 1gram as 1000mg=1g) in 10ml.

The other example – 4500mg in 30ml bottle would be 4500mg of CBD (4,5gram as 1000mg=1g) in 30ml bottle.

The numbers that refer to %, for example, 1000mg in 10ml bottle is 10%, means the concentration of the true measure. In other words, the drop-for-drop strength of a product.

The other example – 4500mg in 30ml has 15% concentration of CBD.

VerusHemp has three options when we are talking about strength:
5% CBD oil – 500mg in 10ml Pure and Full Spectrum
10% CBD oil – 1000mg in 10ml Pure and Full Spectrum
15% CBD oil – 1500mg in 10ml Pure and Full Spectrum or 4500mg in 30ml Pure and Full Spectrum


What to consider before deciding CBD dosage:

There are quite a few things to consider before choosing the right CBD oil dosage that suits your need. 

CBD dosage can greatly vary for every single person. We all have individual endocannabinoid system, this means that for some 5mg of CBD can help to relieve pain and anxiety and for others 10mg are not enough. 

Weight can also affect the way CBD is distributed, absorption rate and metabolic rate should be considered too. It’s not always a rule that the heavier you are the more Hemp oil you’ll need as some people tend to be sensitive towards CBD. However, for most people weight can give an impact while choosing the correct dosage.

Do not forget to consider the Ailment or condition that you have before choosing the type and strength of the product. It was shown that if you suffer from Arthritis it is best to use Hemp topically instead of CBD edibles. 


How much CBD oil UK should I take?

First of all, we want to encourage you to talk about CBD with your doctor. In some cases cannabidiol may interact with medication that you are using and can cause some disturbance. Your doctor may even suggest you the right dosage or at least a starting point.

These days you can find a lot of information on what the dosage should be. Many websites are offering dosage calculators. Unfortunately, they are not as correct as they could be. You can try and have a look at my dosage website. They are also offering an application for your phone, where you can track of how much Hemp oil you were using and if it helped to relieve your unwanted symptoms. 

If you want to be your own boss, the general dosage suggestion for anxiety would be anywhere from 2.5mg to 10mg once or twice daily. However, as mentioned before, do not forget that we are all different and you may need higher or even lower dose, so do not be afraid to experiment. 

For more serious conditions and inflammation it is suggested to use about 160mg a day. However, WHO (world health organisation) and some clinical trials suggest that 600mg per day is a safe amount of cannabidiol. Even the amounts of as high as 1500mg is reported as safe and was tolerated well. 

To wrap it all, the rule of thumb is to start low and build your way up gradually. Be patient as natural remedies need a bit more time to kick in compared to medication. Don’t forget to keep CBD drops under your tongue for about minute or two for the best absorption and always consult your doctor. 

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