Quarantine At Home – Best Tips How To Spend Your Time

Quarantine At Home – Best Tips How To Spend Your Time

The current situation in our world is tragical. At the moment we have more than 17 thousand lives lost over COVID-19 virus. The numbers are increasing every hour. By staying at home, many lives could be saved.

Some countries are very strict

For example, Taiwan’s government has implemented a geo-fence using mobile phones. It means, that you can’t turn off your phone and you can’t leave your designated shelter area, otherwise you will get a police visit right to your doorstep.

Singapore is also not too far away from Taiwan’s choice. All who are required to stay at home must click the link sent from the government by SMS messages to show their location.

People just don't listen

Sadly, but many people still can’t understand how serious this situation is. Even if you are young and strong, you can still carry the virus to your parents or grandparents. No one wants to lose their loved ones. So is it that hard to stay at home?

For example, in the UK you are allowed to go outside once a day for your run or walk. Fresh air is a must for everyone and many people don’t have back garden where they can come and relax whenever they want.

Unfortunately, it looks like some uses this suggestion for very wrong reasons. They gather in groups, don’t protect their face when coughing and don’t listen to what the government is saying.

What should I do at home?

Well, most of the times you have plenty of interesting things to do, but instead, you scroll on social media. Nothing bad to do it for 10 or 15 minutes a day, but if it takes almost all your time, you should give it a thought.

First few days can always be spent for deep cleaning your house. You can put aside things that you haven’t used for a while and feel the joy of remembering them. Also, now you have plenty of time, so if you find some old things you can always try and wake them for the second life!

You can also learn new skills like playing the guitar or any other instrument, or you can write a story. If you have kids, now is the best time to remember board games! You don’t have any at your house? Do not worry as you can very easily make them yourself. This brings so much joy, keeps you all busy and in the end, you get to play your own Monopoly with your neighbourhood streets or any other board game.

Here comes CBD with the best tips

As this time is very uncertain, this might bring a high level of anxiety and stress. CBD can help to relieve stress and anxiety without side effects. Not only that, as CBD can also help you to boost your immune system.

Also, don’t forget that CBD has anti-inflammation, pain relieving and anti-bacterial properties, which might help a great deal if you have a sore throat!

CBD is a great ally in such hard times. Especially when there is so much tension around. Probably many of us can’t even buy enough groceries at the moment or can’t get our favourite treats from the shop.

You can try this very simple and quick CBD recipe for home-made oatmeal cookies.

The best CBD outmeal cookies

You will need:

  • 6 mg VerusHemp CBD oil
  • 120g of butter
  • 150g of brown sugar (we usually use only 30-60g)
  • 1 egg
  • 100g flour
  • 100 oatmeal
  • half teaspoon of cooking powder
  • Choice of seeds or/and dry fruits (we love to use pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds, raisins and cranberries)
  • Baking paper


Place butter that is room temperature into a bowl together with CBD, brown sugar and egg. Mix it well until it looks like buttery cream.
Place into a separate bowl flour, oatmeal, cooking powder and choice of a handful of seeds and dried fruits (you can also add some chocolate chips if you want that extra taste) and mix a bit.

Now place flour and other mixed ingredients into the bowl with prepared butter and mix everything together.
Heat your oven to 160 degrees as it doesn’t need to be too hot and start forming cookies on to the baking tray. You can do this with a soup or icecream spoon. Also, you can simply form them by hands. Just make round balls. Don’t forget to leave some space between cookies. When your tray is full, take a fork and nicely press all the cookies and place it to the oven. Bake them for around 15minutes until the sides of the cookies will be slightly brown.

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