Stem Cell Therapy and CBD

Stem Cell Therapy and CBD

Stem cell therapy process

Stem cell therapy and CBD can be seen together more often than ever before. The main reason is that clinical trials show really great results in combining these two elements in conditions that were hardly or non treatable at all. A study shows that CBD can actually increase the regenerative capacity of two major Stem cells. VerusHemp products made in the UK are pure, strong and is a great support for anyone who is undergoing the Stem cell therapy process or planning to start one soon.

  • Stem Cell Therapy process is a difficult procedure that has several steps. It all begins from tests and examinations. These are required to know your general level of health. 
  • The second step is so called Harvesting. In this phase doctors obtain stem cells either from the patients or from the donors. 
  • Third step and the hardest one is conditioning. In this stage you get the treatment which will prepare your body for the transplant.
  • Forth is the transplantation of the stem cells.
  • Fifth and the last step is the recovery. This is where CBD comes. As mentioned before, CBD can help to relieve pain, anxiety, inflammation and it even helps in the Stem cell regenerative capacity of two major cells, adipose and bone marrow. Patients may need to stay in the hospital for couple of weeks until the transplant will start to take some effect on the body, so CBD can once again help to make this journey slightly easier and more comfortable.


Stem Cell Treatment 

Stem Cell Therapy was around for more than three decades now. It is constantly improving. One of the main improvements are to help reduce all the risk factors. Also, more ways are found to help treat various conditions. Some of the potential future treatments include such conditions as Parkinson’s disease, Type I diabetes and Retinal diseases. They are progressing, but unfortunately, there are not enough studies yet to perform these procedures regularly.

Stem Cell Therapy is most frequently offered for patients with Cancer, Aplastic Anaemia, Osteoarthritis, Burns even Heart Diseases. However, there are not enough long term evidences of how Stem Cell therapy can affect heart muscles in the future. 


Overall Benefits

As with any treatment, Stem cell therapy has some risks, however, what are the advantages of such an innovative method? 

Many people with various conditions can benefit from the Stem Cell Therapy. Here are 5 benefits that can help you change your life:

1.Help to avoid surgeries 

This is a huge advantage for people who suffer for a long time and feel weak. Surgeries are not only dangerous, but they can have complications. With stem cell therapy, no surgical procedure is needed. In many cases cells are administered in less than an hour.

2.Minimal Post-Procedure recovery time

Usually after any treatment with surgery, recovery takes the longes time. You may need weeks, months or even years to get back to your previous life. With Stem Cell therapy recovery time is minimal.

3.It Can Work as a potential way to reverse an injury

Injuries always comes with a lot of pain, anxiety and worries of how it will affect your body in the future. Due to the Stem Cell Therapy, damaged tissues from sport, work, or other accidents can progressively regrow. It can also reduce pain caused by the injury. 

4.No Use of General Anaesthesia

We know that for some people General anaesthesia can increase anxiety and waking up after some operations and procedures can be a tough challenge. Stem cell therapy isn’t invasive so you don’t need to worry about general anaesthesia. 

5.No or minimal risk of rejection

For most patients, cells that will be used are already derived directly from the patient itself. This gives less chances for the risk of rejection. 


What is stem cell therapy?

Stem Cell therapy, also known as regenerative medicine is used for over 30 years now to promote the repair of dysfunctional or damaged tissue. It also helps to ease or completely eliminate diseases by the help of stem cells that were grown in the lab. What’s really impressive, is that these stem cells are guided to specialise into a specific types of cells. 

Regenerative medicine is important. The use of the cell is moving forward every year and in some cases we do not need an organ transplantation anymore. Stem cells that were taken from the patients can be multiplied in a specific type of cell and injected back to the patient. Sadly, organs for transplantation is a very limited resource, so Stem Cell therapy could save many lives. 


What Are Stem Cells? 

There are about 200 different type of cells in human body. Most of them have a specific task and can fulfil one purpose. However, Stem cells are different. These cells can divide over and over again, but what’s special about them, is that they can develop into many different type of cells.  

These cells are mainly divided into a three types of cells:

  1. Embryonic stem cells
  2. Adult Stem Cells
  3. Induced pluripotent stem cells


Embryonic stem cells

These cells comes from embryo which is 3 to 5 days old. Embryos are donated to science and at this stage they are only used for a medical research. Embryo at this phase is called a blastocyst. It has about 150 cells, but important fact is that they are pluripotent. This means that those 150 cells can develop into any type of cell that can be found in human body. This versatility allows to treat, repair or help to improve any diseased or damaged tissue or organ. The question is, can such way of treatment be supported as it involves some ethical questions about potential human life?


Adult Stem Cells

Adult Stem Cells are different from the Embryonic ones as these cells have a more limited development and is called multipotent. What is used in the medicine at the moment are Stem cells that were derived from the bone marrow. Every single type of the blood cell starts as a Stem cell. Stem cells from the bone marrow can develop into:

  • Muscle cells (can help in a treatment of heart diseases)
  • Enterocytes (can help with intestine diseases)
  • Hepatocytes (can help with liver diseases)
  • Asteocyte (can help with bone disease or damage)
  • Neuron (can help in treatment nervous system diseases or maybe even some brain damage)



Induced pluripotent stem cells

The third type is Induced pluripotent or iPS cells. These are normal cells, for example blood cells that were reprogrammed and changed into Stem cells by scientists in the lab. These are same cells as the Embryonic ones as they can develop into any cell. 


Stem Cell Therapy for Knees 

Indianapolis USA is one of the centres of regenerative medicine. Carmel Indiana the city in the beautiful state is getting known for clinics who performs regenerative medicine for many different kind of knees injuries and diseases. 

The internet is full of articles about stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis. However, almost all of them are promising results after one injection. The reality is, that most of cases requires an intensive treatment. Especially for people who were told that knee replacementis the only chance to get their previous life back. 

Regenerative medicine can help in treating many conditions, that is true. Unfortunately, some of the conditions require repeated application due to the long term tear and wear in joints, bone spurs or soft tissues in knees. One injection will not reverse a long term damage that was done by a slow degenerative diseases. 

Very important factor is that in reality, there are no real evidence to support regenerative medicine for knees and this is very worrying. However, many private clinics show some case studies as a proof. In most cases these are independent, expert peer reviews. 

It may look as a fruit of a great marketing strategy, but on the other hand there are plenty of success stories and treatments that changed people’s life. The best and safest choice would be to discuss your options with a couple of knees specialist. 

However, Stem cell therapy can also be used after the knee surgery. It will help to speed up the healing process and relieve any pain caused by it.


CBD and Stem Cell Therapy

As mentioned in the beginning of this blog, there are several clinical trials which proofs CBD ability to help your stem cells regenerate more efficiently. Using CBD oil not only orally, but also topically can greatly improve your symptoms. Head to our blog about CBD massage to find out more of how topically applied CBD can help you today. 

Another study done back in 2014 also suggests that CBD can even help stem cells to reach most needed areas. This is a great finding that shows what a significant cannabinoid it is. Moreover, as CBD helps to relieve the pain, it can also help to regulate your sleep patterns. Sleep and good diet are really important factors when we’re talking about recovery. 


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