What Is CBG? Cannabigerol Explained

What Is CBG? Cannabigerol Explained

You can easily find loads of information about CBD or THC, but what about other cannabinoids?
 At the moment there are more than 120 different cannabinoids. What is really interesting, that they all have different effects on us. By now, we well know that THC is the psychoactive compound. The one that causes “High” feeling, unlike CBD which doesn’t alter our state of mind in this way. Usually, CBD helps to relieve pain, anxiety and stress while helping you to stay sharp.

What Is CBG?

Cannabigerol (CBG) or also known as “mother” cannabinoid. Why “mother”? Mainly, because other well-recognized cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBN and CBC are synthesized from Cannabigerol. 

As a matter of fact, during the growth of the plant, most of the CBG will be converted into other cannabinoids. Isn’t this interesting? Henceforth, leaving just about 1% of cannabigerol in the plant. This makes CBG one of the minor cannabinoids in the whole Hemp!

Well, probably equally important is, that CBG demonstrates good tolerability and low toxicity, making it a truly promising candidate for drug repositioning. Also, CBG is non-psychoactive and has such benefits like antibacterial activity, anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative, meaning that it can prevent tumour cells from growing and spreading.

Is CBG so Powerful?

There aren’t too many trials done on humans with CBG. Even the few of them showed amazing and unexpected results. It’s now considered that Cannabigerol might be a unique, natural way to prevent or even treat cancer.

A clinical trial by Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. showed, that CBG has an anti-tumour effect on human stomach and bone cancer cell lines. Cannabigerol may induce necrotic effects on cancer cells, meaning that CBG helps to cause cancerous cells death.

By the same token, in another clinical trial, it was found that CBG similarly as THC increases appetite, just with no psychoactive effects!

This is really great news, especially for someone who suffers from Anorexia, Muscle wasting, Metabolic dysregulation or undergoing side-effects of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy as they can increase appetite and reduce nausea with CBG without unwanted “High” feeling.

CBG for Glaucoma

One more benefits of CBG by the clinical trial done in the 90st suggests, that Cannabigerol may help to reduce tension and relieves Glaucoma symptoms. Unlike THC, which in some cases might even worsen symptoms for Glaucoma patients. 

Unfortunately, it would be more expensive (but a healthier option) to choose CBG to relieve Glaucoma. Price of medication is much smaller when you compare it with CBG price, but all medications has unwanted and dangerous long term results.


Cannabigerol is getting more attention every day. This cannabinoid have properties that most of us strongly appreciate. Especially, someone who wants to turn into natural help. We can guarantee, that in the future CBG will be as well known as CBD. Mainly, because it has similar and in some cases even stronger properties.

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