Our Story


VerusHemp was established in 2017. It came into our life as an idea to make a change and to prove ourselves that we can do more. We had a feeling that this idea can change many lives, including ours. In light of this idea, we understood, that we can help people feel free, be themselves once again and live their dreams. Most importantly, Our Nature offers us such a variety of choices. how to live stress or pain-free lives. Equally important, that we can also help our furry, four-legged friends, to heal them, to take the best care of them.

 For many years we were interested in CBD products. Its natural compounds always fascinated us. With this in mind, we chose to combine our passion and knowledge into VerusHemp and started producing high-quality CBD products.  Verus translated from an ancient Latin means true, real, right. These are the three words that inspire us to go forward, push ourselves and help others. The effects of our products are real. For this reason, it helps to maintain your well-being. It is a real touch of nature that heals and helps to be stronger. Our Values are right. First, we believe in innovation, but with a longstanding foundation from Nature. Second, VerusHemp believes in motivation and positivity as it is Our fuel to move forward. Third, we believe in commitment and reliability to our customers, because everyone should feel safe and confident in the products they use. Our products are true. 100% organic and we support Vegetarians and Vegans, so all VerusHemp products are completely Natural.

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